Honoring Your Volunteers


In addition to the basic church functional spaces, a Volunteer Room has become a frequently requested space. It is a great way to let your volunteers know you value them. Providing a special place for them gather, pray, and prepare for their specific tasks, lets them know they are appreciated. Each church will need to make a few philosophical decisions as they create a Volunteer Room that is specific for their needs and personality.

Four factors come to mind:

VISIBILTY: Some churches prefer a secluded location dedicated to their volunteers. Others prefer a space adjacent the primary entry area, visible to the traffic and activity of the lobby. The prominent location acts as advertising for the church’s volunteer ministry. Gaining access to this room often becomes incentive to volunteer.

FLEXIBILITY: Multi-functional space should always be considered. Utilizing spaces within the church for multiple uses is great stewardship of space and resources. The Volunteer Room can easily be used for small group meetings, for flexible conferencing during the week and for small receptions on special occasions.

AMENITIES: The basics would be a mixture of comfortable seating, a wall with cabinet storage and counter for serving snacks, food, and drinks. Adding individual lockers provides a place for personal items. A storage closet for volunteer equipment, such as the parking team’s safety vests and radios, is a practical addition. Storage for drinks and other Volunteer Room supplies is a necessity. Many churches also provide a large video display to view the end of the current service while preparing to serve during the next service. A sign-in location is also often located near the entry to this space.

SIZE: Several factors determine the size of the Volunteer Room. The seating capacity of the Auditorium largely determines how many volunteers need access to this room. An evaluation of the various volunteer teams, how extensive each team is, and the periods of time each team serves, will help to establish the expected number of volunteers in the room at any one time.

Honoring your volunteers and showing everyone how much they are valued and appreciated is key to a successful Volunteer Room.

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